Membership Privilleges

All members of the World Tolerance Network have the right to:
  • Access to information, research and studies available via the network

  • Access to information, research and studies available via the network.

  • Access to government and private organisations dealing with humanitarian issues around the world.

  • Submit ideas, proposals and voting on specific projects in the network.

  • Obtain international / regional support for their work through the network’s solidarity system.

  • Participate in official visits to public and private sector institutions concerned with the dissemination and establishment of tolerance rules across the world.

  • Publish their work in international journals.
  • Influence policies and discussions that will affect the future of global peace.

  • Know human rights issues in the areas of justice, gender equality and women’s rights.

  • Participate in the World Tolerance Summit and attend major exhibitions and forums that offer tolerance initiatives.

All members affiliated with the World Tolerance Network must therefore comply:

  • Exchange of information, experiences and knowledge that will advance the mission of the network.

  • Actively engage in the activities of the Global Tolerance Network.

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