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Researcher in social sciences and care policies. PhD of Social Planning and Policy. Member of the American Association of Social Workers (NASW), and Social Work Education Council (CSWE). I am seeking to promote my career as a social planner, a specialist in social welfare policies, management of social and charitable institutions, as well as gaining many knowledge and experience related to development work, programs and projects. My goal is to look forward to self-promotion and gain more professional and functional experience and skills, and adapt them to the chosen job. I also seek to assume many leadership and administrative positions that match my abilities and qualifications. My mission is to provide the best performance and quality, based on the latest knowledge and practical knowledge in social sciences, social planning, social welfare policies and other related fields

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Zakat House and Egyptian alms,al azher Elsharef


Office Manager the Assistant General Secretary

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Researcher ”Office Manager the Assistant  General Secretary, Zakat House and the Egyptian Alms, an independent association established by a Republican decision and is under the supervision of the Grand Imam Sheikh Al-Azhar, aims to spend Zakat funds in their faces prescribed law, Cairo, Egypt. Website:






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